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Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd operates as a electronics distributor, servicing the demanding product requirements of the global electronics market.

We specialise in fast turnaround high volume supply, domestic and International trade and have a vast experience of business to business sales.

With over 15 years experience the sales team at ACE Ltd would like to become the defacto choice of suppliers for the discerning organisation.
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Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd prides itself on providing it's customers with a reliable and qualitative based distribution service.

Our commitment to quality ensures our customers recieve products, that not only meet legislative requirements but also the highest standards practically available for the investment undertaken.

Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd is determined to be at the forefront of technical progress, with products and services that offer value for money and minimise impact. The ACE team are commited to quality which is appraised constantly at every level.

Either buying or selling ACE offers you an unrivalled level of attention and service.

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Mobile Phones

The team at Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd has over 15 years experience in the mobile phone industry, and has seen the the sim free market change daily.

With that in mind Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd has deployed a number of stratigic alliances, with like minded progressive organisation to provide clients with plentitude of stock and guaranteed continuity of supply. This global network is capable of fulfilling orders worldwide to extremely high service levels,either requirements in Europe today or Central Asia tomorrow Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd can provide. We buy and sell handsets for all major manufactures including Apple, HTC, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, Sony & Erricson.

Home Entertainment

Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd are a supplier of consumer electronics including, TV & Videos, Camcorders, Gaming Consoles, Satelite navagation Systems.


Advanced Consumer Electronics Ltd are a wholsale supplier of Desktop PC's, Laptops, Servers, Monitors and Peripherals including printers, cables and accessories. We can also offer a procurment service with our vast knoledge of the industry and ever expanding range of suppliers, we aim to provide our customers quality products, prices and service.

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We Supply the latest products at a competitive price to clients worldwide, our can-do approach and agility in the marketplace gives us an advantage over the competition.


We are constantly on the lookout for reputable suppliers with plentiful stock to sell, we promise quick decisions and excellent payment terms for serious suppliers with products that meet our customers' demands.


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We are always looking for new suppliers and are eager to expand our customer base, by offering the latest products at the best prices. Advanced Consumer Electronics ltd always welcome any request or offer, no matter how small or large.



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